Depression, anxiety and PTSD is something that I’ve struggled with for quite some time; although most wouldn’t know it because usually I handle it fairly well. Everyone has their own methods of dealing with their depression, and whatever way they use that works for you; that’s perfectly OK.


I’m getting married!!!!

Ok, so this is not so much as a blog post as it is an announcement. So here it is:


I’m so beyond excited to share the rest of my life with this amazing man. We’re just doing a small ceremony on July 27th for close friends and family. 

Don’t worry, normal blog posts are coming soon. My goal is to get on a schedule for them. What do you guys think? Monthly, weekly? And what topics would you like to see from me?
Post anything you’d like in the comments section. <3

Almost June

My gosh, can you believe that it is almost June already? 2017 is almost half over, wow. It feels like it just started. May has been amazing so far, I am now an Associate Model Photographer for a new amazing magazine and I’ve loving all my shoots. For June I am doing a poll to […]

Construction Completed!

I’m so sorry the construction took forever, it was not my intention for it to take that long. However, changes have been made slightly and this website is all good! Going forward I will be selling instant digital downloads on my site for desktop, laptop & phone backgrounds. So make sure you check that out. […]

Under Construction!

I’m constantly looking for ways to learn, grow and improve. Both as a photographer and as a person, lately I’ve been reading about creating an effective, professional and memorable website – and it has given me a handful of ideas on ways to improve my site. So bear with me for the next couple weeks, […]

Where’s Spring?

My gosh, do I miss the warmer weather!! I’ve had  my hands full with model shoots lately, and I love being this busy. I can’t wait to share them all with everyone, sadly some will have to wait until the magazines either come out or rejects the images though. I am doing a special for […]