About the Photographer

Welcome, my name is Ericka.


I am a professional photographer located in upstate NY, and photography is my absolute passion.

There is an article by Matt Dutile about why people photograph; I am unable to put into words how much I loved this article and the way he worded why people photograph.

I was given my first SLR when I was 16, it was a Christmas present from my father. I instantly fell in love with photography. As I grew older, I started buying my own little point and shoot cameras to grow and develop as a photographer. More recently I was able to fulfill a dream of finally purchasing my DSLR. Since then my photography has grown so much, and I am still learning with every adventure I take with my camera.

My goal is simple: To take photos of wonderful abandoned places, beautiful nature and amazing people.

I specialize in Urbex, Landscape and Model Photography.

If you have any questions, please email me at: questions@erickalcphoto.com